Episode 4- Archaeology: A Secret History

Archaeology: A Secret History has been showing on BBC Four for the last few weeks, and charts the development of archaeology from  the earliest attempts to discover religious relics after the Roman conversion to Christianity, right through to the 20th century. Along the way Dr. Miles covers the discovery of Neanderthals and deep time, the excavation of Herculaneum, the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone, the realisation that civilisation extended far beyond the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the development of archaeology as a field of study in its own right, and the eventual interest in the common man.

For once I don’t have anything bad to say about a programme; whilst a great deal of the topics I knew about already, there were things which were completely new to me, and throughout it was very well written and delivered. Really the only thing of special note beyond the impressive quality of this programme is that, for some reason, Dr. Miles very much reminded me of Robert Webb.

What else can I say? The first 2 episodes are available until 10pm on Tuesday (21st) and the final one until 11.30pm Thursday (23rd). If you have any interest in history or archaeology (if not why the hell are you reading this), go watch this programme!



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